The Butterfly Effect

If you’ve stumbled upon chaos theory over the years, it was probably by way of its founding principle: future events can be seriously impacted by initial conditions. If you’ve seen Back to the Future, or in passing heard someone say that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could create a Tornado in Texas, then the butterfly effect is on your radar. If you’re lucky, you escaped the 2004 film of the same name.

Well, I’m no mathemagician nor knower of complex scientific theory, but I do know that the course of my life has changed on a few occasions – so I’m game to believe in a theory so exquisite, so mysterious, so inspiring, and oh-so-very hopeful.

I left gainful employment in 2015 to take my career in a new direction, which for me meant first exploring my own interests and the globe. I see that decision as one of my little wing flaps. Similar to the meteorological discovery that weather is entirely dependent on tiny details, I adore the idea that it’s just as futile to try to predict my own future as whether it will be sunny tomorrow. It sure is interesting riding the winds of change to find out what lies at the other end.

How fitting it is that all my exploration has landed me here today, looking to help others flap their wings a little to set the course of their destiny!

Although many in my circle know that I’ve had something cooking for some time, today I am formally unveiling my newest endeavour. I’m helping young companies – startups and others in their early stages – get the support they wish they could afford to bring permanently in-house. I’ve been approached repeatedly during my time away from Bay Street and have discovered there’s a real need to be filled for these smaller companies as they look to grow.

So I present to you: Growth Counsel.

And with that, I’m seizing the opportunity to push myself. I can’t wait to play a part in building interesting ideas into great realities, while helping keep these budding businesses moving onward and upward.

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  1. Hello Sarah. Congratulations on your initiative. Spread your wings and fly like that butterfly. Aaron Fenton

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