Sarah Ennor

Not your stereotypical lawyer…

Contrary to popular folklore, the best lawyers are interesting, flexible, and highly practical. Fancying myself one you will enjoy working with, I prefer to infuse my work and my life with a sense of adventure, creativity, and a dash of competitiveness. Okay, maybe my “dash” is a heaping tablespoon to others, but I like to think I’m intense in a good way.

I live and breathe Aussie Rules Football, playing for my local club, provincially, and for Canada. Does that tell you something about my personality? I also sing for fun (and to win at karaoke), write creatively, and have recently confirmed that my passion is to build things. I’ll build anything! There’s nothing as satisfying as turning ideas into reality and solving real world problems. I was just as giddy when I made my first website as when I made my first prospectus; as proud of refinishing an old dresser as making my first batch of real wine; as empowered by navigating by the sun in California as by crossing Canada alone or fording rivers in New Zealand in a camper.

I come from a professional background in Big Business. The experience I gained there was incredible, but there is something that draws me to serve those invested in their business and requiring a personal touch, especially when I have the freedom to be creatively practical.  I look to help those who don’t quite know what they need but who are savvy enough to realize they could use some support; people who share my passion to create something important, and for doing it right; companies that value partnerships over all else, that want an advocate who understands their needs, and that seek a guide who’s not afraid to step out of her expertise to contribute to the growth of their business. I think the official term for what my clients are looking for is a “sleeve roller upper”.


Why have I started Growth Counsel?

Well, I believe being a lawyer isn’t just about practicing law or about being “right”. It’s about taking the time to know your client, helping them figure out what they need, and helping them achieve their goals without breaking the bank. I want to have an impact, be a part of many somethings special, and face challenges that keep me on my toes and striving to win for my clients.


Why should you hire Growth Counsel?

You have a passion for creating a sustainable business and want a partner to help you get there. You want quality legal advice that is practical enough to suit your reality. Oh, and you wouldn’t mind getting all this for a reasonable price.

Learn more about my previous experience and current passions here.