Quality legal work

Before creating Growth Counsel I was in-house counsel for 8 years. I’ve negotiated contracts, acquisitions, and business terms with a variety of companies. I’ve worked with regulators. I’ve prided myself on excellence and practicality, but most of all on partnerships. Need references? I’ve got those.

Practical business advice

I’ve helped guide businesses as they developed products and services. I’ve been called on to lead many unique projects and practice in many unexpected areas of law when the need arose. It’s the role of in-house counsel – we do anything and everything! Ask if you want to know more but I’m told I’ve got my finger on the pulse of what makes a good business deal. I’m just trying to be a good lawyer!

“Sleeve Roller Upper”

Need someone to do a bit of market research? Write some copy for your website? Attend a business dinner to make you look good? I’m not above rolling up my sleeves to make sure your business is a success. That’s what your in-house partner is for.

Tailored pricing

The world is our oyster! I’m always happy to discuss varied pricing options and be seriously creative, just like you. Flat pricing that is time or project based, hourly rates, equity, success fees, you name it! I’ll also negotiate and monitor fees on your behalf when a special occasion calls for outside legal advice. Let’s talk.

Extra, extra!

Not one to be timid, I’ve chosen not to restrict the work I do for you by anything except the terms of my law license, as is typical of in-house lawyers. Neither geography nor legal challenge nor business need shall be my nemesis, and I’ll even expand my license out of province if you’ll bring me enough business. They don’t call me an Intrepid Adventurer for nothing. Click here to learn about more extras you’ll love.