How did you get here?

(or “why you need me”)

You tell me. But since you finally made it here, you’ve probably realized you need some help to move your business in the right direction. The story usually starts with an aspirational young entrepreneur getting caught up in the company’s day to day operations, getting busier and more successful, and one day wondering if there’s something more to consider.

As that successful entrepreneur, you may have started to think about how to keep your business on track – particularly in all the ways that don’t play to your own strengths. The technical or administrative bits that you know are important but would hate to see take your focus away from growing your business.

Maybe your musings about needing help have been triggered by:

  • a big company asking you to sign a contract and you think it wise to have a lawyer look it over.
  • wanting to attract investors but thinking you should be a bit more organized.
  • wanting to hire employees but not being sure what you need to do.
  • a friend mentioning that you need to have a privacy policy, which started you wondering what else you may have overlooked.

If you’re based in Toronto, you may have already taken a look at the price of Bay Street lawyers, gasped, and then started to dream about all the money you could save if only you had your own in-house legal department. You’re going places, after all! You thought about how nice it would be to have a team member to turn over all the legal worrying to so you could stay focused on growing your company. Then you may have given your head a firm shake and realized you’re strapped for cash so that will have to wait.

When a friend referred you to Growth Counsel you thought, “Maybe there’s a better way!”

There are a million other things that may have brought you here. I just know I’m glad you came.

(or “how I’ll make this worth your while”)

Growth Counsel has been created to help people and companies in exactly your situation. Bespoke services and pricing allow me to meet the needs of every client, whether your need is purely legal or you’re thinking about financial oversight, governance, or marketing. My commitment to work to understand your business, customers, and priorities makes me your trusted partner, not just another service provider.

Part of my reasoning is purely selfish. I want to work with highly driven, creative people with big ideas. I want to work with real people who would roll their eyes at me if I told them I’d “add value to their organization by leveraging synergies”. I want more out of my day than pushing paper. I want to see my work make a difference in the success of companies. I want to see my clients smile at the idea of having a lawyer help them grow. I want to get things done!

The reality is that I’ve seen a real need out there. Being an in-house lawyer is about more than just practicing law. It’s about being a true partner to businesses, appreciating their goals and aspirations, and then helping them get there. Sure, it’s also about practicing law; but to be effective, my job is to prioritize the understanding of each client’s risk tolerance, the markets they operate within, and to help them catch the scary things and business realities they may not have considered.

As an entrepreneur, you know that most young companies can’t afford to pay law firm prices to do all the work they need in their early stages. That’s where I come in! With years of experience practicing law in-house on Bay Street, I’ll keep your costs down by doing legal work for you, engaging law firms only when necessary, negotiating reasonable fees when you do need their help, and keeping them accountable so your bills don’t balloon.

The best part? I’ll do this all for a price that is less than you’d pay one of Bay Street’s first year associates. And I’ll customize my services and pricing so that they suit your business, regardless of your cash flows and budget.

A few extras.

(or “why doesn’t everyone do this?”)

There are a few things you can expect from me that can be really helpful to a young business. My years in practice with Big Business have given me a few tools that I’d love to share with you:

  • Dial-a-thug. I know who to call when you do need some market intelligence or really niche legal advice (like tax or marine law!). Don’t worry, my network of lawyers aren’t really thugs.
  • Share, share alike. Need to find investors? Need to find someone who does what you do? Need an accountant? Need help with a business plan? A hairdresser? A backhoe? A commercial? A headshot? An article? I promise I will share what and who I know, even if I can’t guarantee they’ll be your saviour.
  • Choo choo! If you need to make sure your whole team is on the same page, why not have me create an interesting training session so employees get the importance of privacy, know why they aren’t allowed to spam potential customers, or understand your company’s biggest business deal?
  • Lend you an ear? Want to chat about your business ideas? Your trouble spots? Your weekend? Your finances? I have opinions and if you’re not afraid to hear ’em, I’m not afraid to share ’em.

Do you think we’d work well together? Contact me!